Finite Void

Be cautious of giving
in excess.
It is not a virtue
to give inordinately.
Our energy is limited
and you may find yourself
at the mercy of those
who hunger for your energy


Insects in The Mist

I was coming down from a hike

one day in September

just before dusk.

The last rays

of golden glory

splashed about the hillside

like honey

and as it passed

through the sturdy manzinitas

it created a spectacular

amber radiance.

Though not quite dusk

the bugs were out in full force


for a moment,

I sat in brief silence.

Among the amber motes

was a peculair flying specimen,

though the name now eludes me.

It was a small grouping,

maybe five or six,

flitting in seemingly any way

they so pleased.

The light hit them

in such a puzzling way

that made them dazzle,

as if microscopic fragments

of gold or silver

had been granted glassy wings,

and there they hovered,

darting about in ways

that no intelligence could fathom

a pattern.

It was,

at this particular moment,

that the crickets began;

their soft prelude

beginning with no audience

but me.

It was not long

before their symphony

became deafening;

a colossal crescendo

of chitinous violinists

rising to meet the furious dancings

of whatever flew precariously above


quite suddenly,

it seemed that the miniscule maestros


in fact,

conducting their aerial counterparts.

I was not witnessing chaos,


I was seated,

front row,

in a musical

that has been playing

every night

for the last few

million years.


there was something else.


amidst the chaos

that lended itself

to my own understanding.

It was here,

on this hillside

among the insects

did I ever experience




But it isn’t cold at all,

is it?


It is

a gentle numbing

to the things

that once filled you

with such warmth.


Cold Gaze

Of course, it is of utmost importance in one’s journey of individualization and self-mastery that he does not buy into his own expectations and perceptions. They are, as some would say, all bullshit, really. The moment you believe you know is the same moment you know nothing. Attaining a constant state of unknowing, yet maintaining a desire to know will yield the most growth. -LT


I owe much to you,
kindred spirit.
Fellow wanderer
of the woods.
Through your wisdom
I am granted a special clarity
seldom achieved by my own devices.
Were I to possess
but a fraction
of the spirit you exude
I believe
that heaven
would be much too small
for me.



We drink
we smoke
we lay
we toke
to fill the holes
inside our chest
until the day
we’re put to rest.


Soul Against Soul

We are unhappy
because we have been led to believe
that we need something
outside of ourselves
to be complete.
They do not wish
for you to look within
for within
are all answers


Cocorico 89

may not water the rose
without also
watering its thorns.
we cannot cultivate
the good
without also
the bad.


Timeless Visage

It has become
to move past you.
I see you
in her.
And in her.
And in her.
Not because
you were good to me.
Not because
I still feel for you.
Or because
of what we’ve said
to one another.
But because
you are an ever-present
that lingers
behind every potentiality.
I see you there
warping the future
to your twisted design.
You did more
than destroy me.
You took any future
I may have had
and poisoned it.
This is how it could be,
I hear you whisper
in my ear.
Just like how it was with me.
The heartbreak
of a million futures
weighs upon me.
there is no end
to this haunting
and solitude
is all that awaits me.


Unlimited Yield

I mean,
in the grand scheme of things,
what is the worst
that could happen
should you decide
to commit
to the mastery
of one’s own self?


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