Finite Void

Be cautious of giving in excess. It is not a virtue to give inordinately. Our energy is limited and you may find yourself at the mercy of those who hunger for your energy insatiably. ~lt

Insects in The Mist

I was coming down from a hike one day in September just before dusk. The last rays of golden glory splashed about the hillside like honey and as it passed through the sturdy manzinitas it created a spectacular amber radiance. Though not quite dusk the bugs were out in full force and, for a moment, […]

Cold Gaze

Of course, it is of utmost importance in one’s journey of individualization and self-mastery that he does not buy into his own expectations and perceptions. They are, as some would say, all bullshit, really. The moment you believe you know is the same moment you know nothing. Attaining a constant state of unknowing, yet maintaining […]


I owe much to you, kindred spirit. Fellow wanderer of the woods. Through your wisdom I am granted a special clarity seldom achieved by my own devices. Were I to possess but a fraction of the spirit you exude I believe that heaven would be much too small for me. ~lt

Soul Against Soul

We are unhappy because we have been led to believe that we need something outside of ourselves to be complete. They do not wish for you to look within for within are all answers found. ~lt