Take me,
won’t you?
To a quiet place with the cold earth
beneath us,
nestled in a forgotten forest glade.
We can take turns
pointing out what we see
and tell each other the things
we do not know
in our solitude.
Offer me your wisdom
and you shall have mine
and together we can learn
the hum of the forest.


A Gift From The Past

What kind of difference
have you made?
How many of your clothes
are on the backs of strangers?
How many empty bellies
have been fed by your hand?
The Light you claim to possess
is false when spent only on yourself
and virtuous
if it is shared with those
who are without.



There is glory in your eyes
and holy in your veins
and with a laugh as vibrant
as an angels choir
you have me believing
in something


Star Struck

in another time,
another place still untouched
by the wizened hands of time,
there would be more
than ‘have a good night.’
in another place,
another time still untouched,
we might meet amidst the stars
and galaxies erupt
when our hands meet.
maybe then,
we might share a dance?



How I would love to know
the warmth
of your embrace.
To feel your hand
slide gracefully
into mine.
To know
that though the world around us
may be cruel
and you alone,
are my sanctuary.



Open your eyes,
old friend.
That light you see
at the end of your tunnel
will forever stay at the end
for as long as you stay deceived
by the tunnel.


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