I knew that what I had for you was love when I realized that I was willing to sacrifice our friendship in order to save your life. If it’s easier to hate me, then so be it. ~LT  


I remember watching an episode of House not too long ago. “Histories” was the name of this particular story. In it, House notices that his oncologist friend, James, has been leaving abruptly from work. At the end of the episode, House tails James to a derelict street corner, and asks James why he has been […]


Depression is being told how many wonderful colors that comprise the world around you and only seeing gray. It’s not quite sadness but rather a dull numbing, a longing to feel what you think you should feel but you just don’t. You don’t really need water to drown, now do you? ~LT


I think it’s time for a break from my normal writing schedule, if you could call it that. I wanted to write about something that is very close to who I am, and is a huge reason as to why I am the way that I am today. It was extremely hard to write about […]