Potent Future

that God chose the weak,
not the strong.
that He chose the lowly
and despised things of this world
to be burdened with a fantastic destiny.
your struggles,
your pains,
your addictions,
your fears,
your worries
all pale in comparison
to the love and greatness He has in store
for you.



No covenant on this Earth
made in the name of God
requires you to suffer abuse
at the hands of another
in order to preserve
its sanctity,
nor should you wish to serve
a god that would rather you suffer
and preserve a commitment
than leave that which makes you sick
and heal in God’s grace.

Where there is control,
there is no love.



My best piece of advice to you all
is this;
Live a good life.
If, among the cosmos, there lies gods
and they are just,
then they will care not how devout you have been
but instead welcome you with open arms
with the virtues that you have lived your life by.
If the gods do indeed exist,
but are unjust,
then you should not find yourself their thrall.
If, among the cosmos,
lies nothing but Nothing,
then you will have lived a truly noble life
that will most assuredly live on
in the hearts and minds
of your loved ones.


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