Watcher of The Cosmos

He’s just…different, now. Different? Like, good or bad? Different doesn’t always have to mean bad or good. Just…different. Well, how is he different? It’s difficult to explain. Speaking with him brings forth the disconcerting thought that he would rather be with someone else, someplace else, but not in a rude way. I cannot be certain […]


I truly believe there is something to be said about two people who find each other time and time again. No matter any situation they find themselves in how far apart they become, they come back to each other. Those lucky few are the people who have a little thing called fate on their side. […]


There is park that is not far from my house. As a child, I aptly named it “The Park behind Our House,” though truthfully, it was more to the East than really behind. My father took me there whenever we had the chance. His job never really allowed him much free time, so we made […]


I stood there, feet on the white and brown tile, arms resting along the smooth hand rail overlooking the plaza. So many people, walking to and from their favorite stores. Some alone, others with others, children running and screaming. I look on as I see people holding hands with people that matter to them, and […]


You’ve oft said that you don’t need a man And I would agree wholeheartedly so. A firebrand such as yourself could never allow herself to fall under the control of a man who wishes to bind her to control her to demean her to suppress her to subdue her. No, you don’t need a man at […]


An antimony core housed in a jacket of copper. A powder as dark as the shores of Iceland and a primer that grants the life-giving spark, to be expulsed from a lubricated chamber to ensure maximum accuracy. Unlimited potential all packed tightly in a 9 millimeter shell. But let us not fool ourselves. The intent […]


What are you afraid of, young one? That maybe, for once in your life, you’ve found happiness? Do you fear losing it? Good. That is how you know it matters, how special and fragile it is. Does that mean to forsake it? Of course not. Let yourself feel the power of this love, let this […]


Does the sun, when it rises, seek permission to shine? No. It simply does. As does my love for you. It is not reliant on whether you feel like you deserve it, want it, or even need it, it’s just simply there. And whether you are a million miles from your home, or in my […]


Must I show you? Walk with me, won’t you? You believe to know me, all that I was all that I am all that I will be. But you haven’t the slightest idea. I am the result of a thousand loves that have spanned across the ages. The blood of my ancestors courses through my […]


I know That I am no good for you. That I do not deserve you or the love that you could give. I know that I am not worthy of you; but listen. I know that I cannot promise you that dark clouds will never hover over our lives or that the future will bring […]