The Burning

come to me,
oh Lord,
that i might know you.
arm me,
not in the ways of this world
but in your Word,
so that instead of relying
on my emotions,
which are easily manipulated
and changed,
i can rely on your Promise,
which does not ever change.



it was a year ago;
do you remember
that phone call?
all of what we dreamed,
in five minutes.
i try to sleep at night
believing you told him
i lay awake because
i really cannot be sure
you could be so brave.
i only pray
that if you do tell him
it doesn’t undo
all of what you dreamed,



i wonder why they say to drink to forget;
i’ve only ever found myself at the bottom
of the bottle
trying to remember you.



you traded
your freedom
and your voice
for safety.

was it worth it?

are you any happier now?

i really don’t think you’re going to like the ending.



maybe there are people
that are just too broken,
too hurt,
too full of anger
and disappointment
to love again.
i wonder what will happen
to those people.
i wonder
what will



i understand.
i had to lose them all
and learn to love the trees,
the mountains,
the sea,
the flowers,
the stars.
i had to learn to love the wild
so i could love the wild
in you.


You, and Stars

You know what sounds good?
A bottle of cheap wine
on a hill overlooking a city
with you
in our own little corner of the world
looking up at the stars
and getting drunk
off each other’s laughs.
A man can dream for the smaller things,


The Crow

Allow me,
little flower,
to carry your pain
even if it is only
for a little while.
You cannot bloom
with so heavy a heart
and mind.
Allow me to shoulder it,
little flower.
Empty your eyes,
so full of sadness
and bitterness,
upon me
so that for once,
even if for a moment,
you are not carrying your world


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