But I Won’t Sleep If She Doesn’t

It was hard,
you know?
Coming to terms with the fact
that she wasn’t going to give me
anything resembling an apology.
In her twisted mind
she had done nothing wrong.
So you know what?
I forgave her.
The person she really owed an apology to
is herrself.
For allowing herrself to hurt others.
For allowing herself to stay a victim.
For allowing herself to manipulate others.
And for hurting me the same way someone
had hurt her.
I really hope
that she can forgive herself.

I really do.


Veil 13

I came across that place,
That time-forgotten temple,
a shadow of its former glory
yet remained.
My softly-trodden footsteps
echoed faintly
through the once golden
now gray
What was once the glint
of dazzling literary diamonds
lay nothing more
than dull stones.
Motes of dust
flitted lazily about the halls
undisturbed by space
and time.

This was his place;
the Warlock’s haven.
It was here
that he had written his most
powerful incantations
for her.
I could
just barely
make out her laughter,
like a fine ocean mist
gently kissing a sun-soaked face.
He had written galaxies in her image,
worlds transformed
by the very strokes
of his ink-fueled pen.

They say that it was beautiful,
That travelers the world over
would flock to this sanctuary
just to feel,
just for moment,
the love that he had for her.
It was written
that he hoped his final breath
should be spent speaking of her,
so that the energy of his words
could resonate in this temple
for eons to come
so that all who yearn to find it
may feel what it was like
to love her.

It is quiet,
These halls have not heard her laughter
in some time.
Centuries of grime
and soot
now blanket the once glittering walls.
They say she ordered it to be destroyed;
that none could never find it again.
His heartbreak at her betrayal,
only outmatched by his love,
drove him to insanity
and there was no barrier
that could protect this place
from his wrath.

All that remains
are rock and ashes,
A pity.