The moment you decide to look outside yourself for approval you have already compromised your integrity. Learn to be your own witness; it’s the only opinion you are ever left with that matters in the end. ~lt


Consider this; Ice and hail, rain and snow. All are different. But, as they fall, they become the same stream, the same water, in the end. ~lt

Bitter Rain

How long has it been since your name last escaped my lips? The days turn to months and those to years and these seasons blur as they come and go. Do you feel the same? Do the seconds, like sand in your freckled hands, escape you? These moments without you always feel the same; a […]


We walk into love with expectation. I love you because you provide me with mental and emotional satisfaction and you love me because I give you those things, too. But we love each other because we are expecting to be given something. And that isn’t really love at all, is it? We already start our […]