Esque ad Aeternum

and so,
when the sun sets
on that bitter day
of fate,
when the last of my energy
is extinguished,
when the dust of my bones
scatters among the desolation
of the cosmos,
i pray
the last thing on my mind,
my heart,
my soul,
my lips,
is you.



i breathe you in;
had it truly been this long
since i felt this way?
paltry terms
for the energy
coursing through my veins.
i dare not breathe;
for in this moment,
with this breath,
suspended in time;

i am home.



maybe i don’t need to know
all the answers.
perhaps my pride
was what jaded me.
there is still mystery
in the whispers of leaves
and powerful magic
in the song of a bird.
it’s okay
to be innocent.
it’s okay
to have the wonderment
of the boy i used to be.
it doesn’t make me any weaker,
if anything,
it becomes my strength.



in an era
where many discredit conviction,
i glimpsed your form
by chance.
this heart-pounding excitement
has suddenly
you taught me
that true courage
lies in never letting your smile fade
and though I may close my eyes
when i suffer
i open them to see you there,
back in the fray.
the battle is out there
and you will be my strength.
i always want to protect it;
this pounding
in my heart.


Super Strike! Full Power Awakening Among the Stars!

set your gaze ahead
and gather your strength.
it draws near,
can you feel it?
an endless fear,
threatening to consume all;
a grinning demon
out to kill.
with thoughts of a broken Earth
it grows in response,
a searing flame
and will of Light.
with burning energy,
we must face
this loveless world
and change the future!



Another year,
another me.
Lost in timelines
i will never see
and as i tumble
through the black expanse
i wonder
was it fate or chance
that brought me to this wretched place;
to love
who i could never embrace.
Perhaps there’s nothing left to do
but drift
and accept this solitude
and resign myself to loves
that will only ever be
lost in timelines
i will never see.


Burning Fight

a flame to burn
brighter than any fire.
a wind to extinguish
the storm.
a pounding of the heart
to move the universe.
the feeling shaking my soul
is called hope!
your song
ignites a burning passion
to make my dreams bloom
and protect the love i have
for irreplaceable people.
The willpower
of Light!



i hadn’t realized
how desperately i needed
to hear
what i did.
not many write poems
for the poet.
but your kind writings,
a piercing arrow of light,
has penetrated the walls
of this bitter,
old heart
and i am reminded of how it feels
when my soul
is fed.

thank you.


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