I suppose I have gotten older. When I was younger, I believed that things would just work out, in life and in love. What a naive fool I was. I now see that the most valuable resource someone can ever trade is not money or gasoline or blood or tears. It is┬átime. To make time, […]


I used to believe I was broken. That my cross to bear was being born with a heart much too big for this body. It has often led me to consider it more curse than blessing. But then, a thought came to me. Perhaps I had loved someone profoundly deeply immensly in another life, and […]


At night you come to the moon in tears. You tell him, in between sobs, that it has been so long since you have seen the Light. But all he can offer is a sort of sad smile, because in your naivety you have forgotten that he shines just as bright for you, too. ~LT

7:30 p.m.

All my life I have fought; For others, For attention, For time, For love, But I am tired. I think the most selfish  thought I have had of late is that I want to know just once what it feels like to be fought for ~LT


Even if it was for a short while, what an incredible, beautiful privilege to matter to you. I just wished it turned out differently, you know? I think, no, know, that if we met at a different time, maybe when we were both older or met somewhere else, things could have worked out the way […]


We met at the cafe by your house. God, it had been so long since my eyes last had the pleasure of seeing you face to face. We ordered our drinks and sat in the corner, undisturbed by the rest of the world. You asked me how I had been during our brief interlude of […]


200 lights. 200 bright radiant souls gather to read these pitiful musings. I am not enough for you all. But allow me to illucidate how I feel. I am truly, deeply, dearly humbled. You must understand; There was a time I wrote long ago, for the heart of one I held higher than my own, […]


I met a woman today. She didn’t have your freckles that could dot the night sky but her skin radiated a warmth and glow that you could only find in the sun. She didn’t have your brown eyes that looked like sage after a sudden downpour but you could see the clouds in hers and […]


Vision failing, black veil encroaching. Something is not right. No light to define darkness. No shadow to pronounce light. What place is this? Umbral figure appears, cloaked in cosmic dust. Extending hand, beckons me near; cannot turn away. Voice, like splitting glacier demands payment. Quoniam sapientia carnis. Hands meet, my flesh seared encased in Mantle, […]