White Clouds

I hope one day I can walk the hills with you. That one day we can listen to the wind as it whispers through the oaks. That one day we can soak in the sun as the wildflowers do. That one day you will fall for the hills just as surely as I have fallen […]

Insects in The Mist

I was coming down from a hike one day in September just before dusk. The last rays of golden glory splashed about the hillside like honey and as it passed through the sturdy manzinitas it created a spectacular amber radiance. Though not quite dusk the bugs were out in full force and, for a moment, […]

Ancestral Guidance

Though long forgotten, there once was a language known only to the Earth, long before our birth. Whispers between the trees, utterances amidst the snowy peaks, grumbling among the cool rocks. Through our understanding of the land we learned to speak it, too. A truly primal language that extends far beyond the limits of voice. […]


I had it again. That dream. It visits me every now and then each time more vivid than the last. I find myself at the foot of a looming mountain. Surrounding me are pines as tall as my eyes can see. A sharp wind blows through them as it does through me, and something within […]