It is not enough to simply exist. One must be willing to achieve something far greater than themselves if they do not wish to be relegated to mere memory. Sacrifice yourself to your self and live this life that you have been given to your highest will unconditionally. ~lt

My Fellow Associates

Before I write this letter to all of you,  I will preface this by saying that they have suppressed my third letter, titled “The “Blue” Solution”, by making it difficult to find in the blog list. If you or anyone else that you know would like to read it, feel free to message me and […]

Antiquity 17

The essence of a true leader is to brim with sincerity for without it, none may believe you. When the leader’s task is finished, those they led say, “We did it!” while the leader stays silent, their work done. ~LunarianThoughts


Ignorance is a bit of a double-edged sword, if you ask me. Because so long as you avoid the truth and any bit of self-reflection, your world remains just that; An illusion. But should you come, by fate or happenstance, to the point where you acknowledge your ignorance, you really only have one option; Change. […]


Did you know that diamonds are unique when compared to every other gemstone? They are the only precious stone that requires incredibly precise conditions in order to be made. A hundred miles below the surface a tenth of the heat of our Sun and about seven hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds of pressure per square inch. […]


Drifting effortlessly through the cosmic expanse. Motes of Light zoom unfettered surrounding you an all encompassing glow. White. You awake on a distant shore one forgotten by Time. You know not how you came to be, as the gentle waves wash away the memories of the last cycle. Who you were, what you were, your […]