How do you measure
a man?

Is it by his actions?
Or is it by his words?

Could it be by the company he keeps?
Or would it be by the secrets he holds?

How do you measure
a man?

Perhaps it is by the sacrifices he makes
or rather,
by the choices he doesn’t take?

Should it be by the family he tends
or is it easier
to pass judgement
by the words of others?

How do you measure
a man?

Take the scars on his hands
the ache in his back
the crick in his neck
the fractured smile
the hollow laugh
the faded glint in his eyes
and his weary heart
and what is it you have?

A man
who’s supposed strength
keeps him
from ever being allowed
to be broken.
A mute,
who’s health
and well-being
may never be spoken for,
at least
not by him.
We assume that they can just
“get over it”
“move on”
or “man up about it”
but they do so
in ways
that would leave many
without words to describe.

How would you measure
a man,
if you knew
how little
he measured



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