God Only Knows

Unless the Shadow is met
in its darkest place
it will continue to infect
and decay everything that it touches.
So powerful is this unaccepted side
that it can transcend generations
and the children you rear now
will most surely inherit your venom,
your anger,
your Shadow.

Banish the shame.


White Clouds

I hope one day I can walk the hills
with you.
That one day
we can listen to the wind
as it whispers through the oaks.
That one day
we can soak in the sun
as the wildflowers do.
That one day
you will fall for the hills
just as surely as I
have fallen for you.



No covenant on this Earth
made in the name of God
requires you to suffer abuse
at the hands of another
in order to preserve
its sanctity,
nor should you wish to serve
a god that would rather you suffer
and preserve a commitment
than leave that which makes you sick
and heal in God’s grace.

Where there is control,
there is no love.



not friends,
not medicine,
not even God
can heal he
he does not give up
what makes him sick.



I know you will not walk with me
but that is all right.
I walk with the earth
the wind
the trees
and small creatures of the hills;
I never truly
walk alone.


C. 13:4-8

The single most destructive force to ever ruin friendships, relationships, and marriages is contempt. Where the empathic person is caring and understanding of others concerns, the contemptuous person brims with arrogant disregard and denigration of the feelings of others. “I know best”. Empathy strengthens and nurtures; contempt freezes and invites hopelessness. The more contempt is expressed in a relationship, the less caring about and for one another.  It is often silent; a withdrawal, a bitterness, a negative remark. It will drain anything of all joy, of all hope, and of all love if given enough time.  As a parent, when you speak of others in contempt, you are instilling with them a dark, destructive spirit that will be more toxic to them than any other worldly poison. Patience and kindness are your tools to destroy this tumor, but know that unless there is a desire to be healed, you cannot cure others.


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