you traded
your freedom
and your voice
for safety.

was it worth it?

are you any happier now?

i really don’t think you’re going to like the ending.



maybe there are people
that are just too broken,
too hurt,
too full of anger
and disappointment
to love again.
i wonder what will happen
to those people.
i wonder
what will



i understand.
i had to lose them all
and learn to love the trees,
the mountains,
the sea,
the flowers,
the stars.
i had to learn to love the wild
so i could love the wild
in you.


You, and Stars

You know what sounds good?
A bottle of cheap wine
on a hill overlooking a city
with you
in our own little corner of the world
looking up at the stars
and getting drunk
off each other’s laughs.
A man can dream for the smaller things,


The Crow

Allow me,
little flower,
to carry your pain
even if it is only
for a little while.
You cannot bloom
with so heavy a heart
and mind.
Allow me to shoulder it,
little flower.
Empty your eyes,
so full of sadness
and bitterness,
upon me
so that for once,
even if for a moment,
you are not carrying your world


Heated Clash

Our ability to draw meaning
from inherently random events
is one part foolish
and another part
biological tool
to cope.
Though our bodies may be destroyed
so long as we believe it is for a purpose
do we toil and suffer



The wind whispers gently
between the trees
in the forest of my dreams.
Meet me here.
Together we can make a fire
and count the stars
that glow above the pines.


The Sage

I believe there are times
where you need to sit her down
and remind her
that she is loved deeper than any ocean,
more beautiful than any sunflower,
and that she shines brighter than the sun.
most importantly,
that she is enough.


Non-Negotiable Limit

I’ve always thought of relationships as if someone needs to find you, and someone needs to avoid you. They will want to love you for the same reasons another has to hate you. Some will want to bathe in your love as if it were a refreshing waterfall, and others are afraid of getting wet. Some will want to sit by the fire with you, and others cannot stand smoke getting in their eyes. There is no reason to change yourself. No adjusting or making your love less than what it could be.

What is ready to love you will, and whatever isn’t will not.


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