You’ve oft said that you don’t need a man And I would agree wholeheartedly so. A firebrand such as yourself could never allow herself to fall under the control of a man who wishes to bind her to control her to demean her to suppress her to subdue her. No, you don’t need a man at […]


“What makes you write the things you do about her?”, asked Time. A long sigh escaped my mouth. How could I possibly even begin to explain that? I would need an inordinate amount of time to barely scratch the surface about you, and even then, it would not be time enough. The way you look when […]


I buried you last night. I do not believe you even knew my favorite color. Were my heart not fraught with the frailties of the Light, it would have been much sooner. But I was given the spark of hope by the Sun and the Moon, and I put my faith in you for far […]


“Hush, my love.” I’ll whisper, cupping my hands around your warm, tear-stained cheeks. “Look at me. Look at me. Look into my eyes.” I’ll say, gazing deep into your earthy eyes. See how, like sapphires, my eyes are? What do you see? You see a lake, don’t you? And on this lake, a lonely pier, […]


I felt it again. That familiar numbness where you used to be. I was in the shower staring down at my hands. Filthy, from a day’s work. I sat in solemn silence as I watched the lukewarm water dribble slowly collecting the cement and dirt that eight hours worth of back-breaking labor bestows upon you. […]


I had it again. That dream. It visits me every now and then each time more vivid than the last. I find myself at the foot of a looming mountain. Surrounding me are pines as tall as my eyes can see. A sharp wind blows through them as it does through me, and something within […]


You found the light of the Sun too garish for your surreptitious ways so you concealed yourself in the night. But it is you who are the fool for the moon is my ally and its Light has revealed you for who you truly are. I ask you, What have you gained from such malice? […]


What truly inane creatures human beings are. They pray to Gods they do not believe in, beg for miracles without the slightest mote of faith, and dare to dream of magic without conviction that they will find it. I have seen more people hurt the ones they love, in the name of love, than I […]


You think that you know her because you have seen her bare but there is more to her than just the flesh you have become so enamored with. You wouldn’t know it because you care not to look, but she has a scar just beneath her chin that she tries to hide. She got it […]


Look to the skies above. See you the stars? Do they seek permission to shine to radiate with every last atom in their bones? No. They simply do as must you. Were I to ask you “Name all of the things you love,” how soon would you name yourself? Heed my next words closely, young one. […]