Those who know me well know that I am an avid hiker. There are few places that I can think of that afford me the peace of mind and clarity that come with being tucked away on a mountainside for hours. Oftentimes I would eke out a place overlooking the city, finding refuge atop a […]

Letter to John

John, I pray this letter finds you in good spirits. I am reaching out to you regarding the Extra Support Walk that the 1971 Simi Valley Store will be having on September 6th. I have no doubt that you have read my previous letters I submitted to Communications so it should come as no surprise […]

Letter to Lowe’s 2

Before I start detailing the events of my meeting with my regional HR, I want to first state how completely blown away I am by the overwhelmingly positive response this post has gotten. I never would have believed that I would have reached the amount of wonderful people that I have, nor would I have […]

Letter to Lowe’s

Marvin,      I know the chances of you even reading this are slim. Far less are the chances of you responding but I figured that maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that you or someone who could make a difference could read this.      My name is Harrison. I was born in […]


I suppose now is as good a time as any for introductions. My name is Harrison. I am 27 years old today. I was raised in a household overflowing with music. For ten years of my life I played the french horn. I also played the trumpet in my high school’s jazz band. Music is […]


I met a woman today. She didn’t have your freckles that could dot the night sky but her skin radiated a warmth and glow that you could only find in the sun. She didn’t have your brown eyes that looked like sage after a sudden downpour but you could see the clouds in hers and […]


It was I who was the fool. I see that now. To think that I could ever be enough for the likes of you. I suppose my cracks gaped a little larger than I thought. Perhaps my flaws were sorer than I realized. I gave you all that I had and then some. Not just […]