Letter to John

John, I pray this letter finds you in good spirits. I am reaching out to you regarding the Extra Support Walk that the 1971 Simi Valley Store will be having on September 6th. I have no doubt that you have read my previous letters I submitted to Communications so it should come as no surprise […]

Letter to Lowe’s 3

Marvin, It is truly unfortunate that you were unable to respond to me directly. While I will admit that it may have been naive of me to think that you would, a part of me still hoped that you would, at the very least, send me someone who had the capability of thinking freely and […]

Letter to Lowe’s 2

Before I start detailing the events of my meeting with my regional HR, I want to first state how completely blown away I am by the overwhelmingly positive response this post has gotten. I never would have believed that I would have reached the amount of wonderful people that I have, nor would I have […]

Letter to Lowe’s

Marvin,      I know the chances of you even reading this are slim. Far less are the chances of you responding but I figured that maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that you or someone who could make a difference could read this.      My name is Harrison. I was born in […]


Here’s the thing about scars. They aren’t hideous or unsightly. They aren’t signs of failure but rather a sign of the living. That you surpassed whatever it was that you thought would kill you. And perhaps, even better, each one is indicative of an incredible story, for no two scars are ever alike. So wear […]

Distant Worlds

Saturday. A brisk, October morning welcomed me as I stepped outside for a quiet stroll before the lunch crowd came racing back to their homes. That familiar breeze, carrying upon it the scent of the roses that lined the sidewalk, brought comfort to me, and I pulled my jacket tighter and made my way to […]


I stood there, feet on the white and brown tile, arms resting along the smooth hand rail overlooking the plaza. So many people, walking to and from their favorite stores. Some alone, others with others, children running and screaming. I look on as I see people holding hands with people that matter to them, and […]


Fear not for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it. This adage has been passed down throughout time by my ancestors. To some, it may seem rather nihilistic for if we are destined to fall why bother living? Why trouble ourselves in doing anything at all when none of it […]


An antimony core housed in a jacket of copper. A powder as dark as the shores of Iceland and a primer that grants the life-giving spark, to be expulsed from a lubricated chamber to ensure maximum accuracy. Unlimited potential all packed tightly in a 9 millimeter shell. But let us not fool ourselves. The intent […]


What are you afraid of, young one? That maybe, for once in your life, you’ve found happiness? Do you fear losing it? Good. That is how you know it matters, how special and fragile it is. Does that mean to forsake it? Of course not. Let yourself feel the power of this love, let this […]