look me in the eyes
and tell me
of what you have lost.
how many times
have you stood in the ashes
of what gave you life?
how many times
have you given yourself
to people who would never give back?
or have you played it safe
and never fought for something
that made your heart run wild?

do not tell me
that i am not allowed to suffer.



these nights are getting a little colder
and my bones
a little colder.
what they don’t tell you
about getting older
and wiser
is that knowledge is bought
with heartache
and that peace of mind
is more valuable
than any lover’s kiss.


Heart Echo

i think
that for a while
this time of year
will remind me of you;
of quiet meetings at the park,
of phone calls that stretched for hours,
of blue apples and his little laugh,
of the wind tossing your wonderfully wild hair,
and of our hugs.

i miss you,
wild woman.


September, Again

a year ago
i told you
it was you.
you couldn’t bear
to look me in the eyes
when i told you.
had i known
that in the span of a year
we would would never speak again,
i would have never let you known.


Reprise of Hope

you don’t know me
i don’t know that you ever will.
i wonder
if late at night,
you lay in your bed
staring up at the ceiling,
wondering if someone like me
is out there.
i know i do.
i wonder
if your arms ache for me
in the middle of the night
like mine do.
i hope
wherever you are
that you feel,
deep inside,
that i am looking for you
and i hope you don’t give up
looking for me,


Lion’s Breath

will not have his work
made manifest by cowards.
do what you are afraid to do.
Do the thing you fear
and the death of fear
is certain

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brass Petals

i wonder,
if when you look at me,
do you truly see me?
do you catch me
looking a little bit longer
than should?
do you catch me
watching how your lips
form around my name?
i wonder,
you know me,
but do you truly
understand me?


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