two rivers,
and wild.
as they flow
toward one another,
they narrow
and narrow
and narrow.
the two rivers,
and wild
converge at a single point,
their banks giving way
under their immense current.
the two rivers,
and wild,
flow into each other
and become one.
one river,
and fierce,
carves whatever path
it chooses.


Knowing Glance

your value
lies not
in the flesh;
for this will leave
like maple leaves
in Autumn.
It lies not
within the mind,
for Time will dull
even the sharpest
of blades.
you value lies
within your spirit
and in the indelible truth
that your beauty,
your true beauty,
is assigned to you
at birth
by the Father.

if you could only see
how brightly you shine
when you remember.



i look at you
and i wonder how
it is at all possible
to forget your magic
when even the smallest of things
that you do
set my heart aflutter.


Dragon’s Hope

Dream of the Shore Near Another World, Chrono Cross, Yasunori Mitsuda

Legends speak of two dragons,
existing as one;
each giving freely
unto the other
as the other gave freely
unto them.
In all ways they were understood
by the other
and their souls,
for the first time since Creation,
felt seen,
felt heard,
felt loved.
They exuded the harmonious energy
of the Universe;
Glimpsing the love
their Creator has
for His Created.
But all was not well.
For the same energy
that brought them peace
and understanding,
and love,
also threatened to destroy the fabric
of their realities
and lay waste to all
they had built.
And so,
in an act of ultimate sacrifice,
the two dragons agreed to seal their love away;
to halt the coming cataclysm
and save their world.

those legends also say
that if you listen closely,
you can still hear
the quiet roar
of their love;
a lone ember
they keep tucked away
for when the time is right,
that they might break the seal
to bask in their love for each other
once again.


Dragon’s Rest

you breathe into me
and i breathe
into you.
i drink freely
from your well
and you drink freely
from mine.
my words,
born from love through your music
and your music,
born from love
through my words.

is our language.

are our rest.



i miss the oaks trees
from my home.
i miss the sage-painted hills
and the resounding crash
of waves along golden sands.
the desert has its own
special language.
i dream in terrific sunsets
and ruby sands,
of warm winds
and warmer arms.
the wilds
are what you carry
with you.


Dragon’s Gift

you are an oasis
for my tired bones;
balm for my desiccated mind
and roses
for my sore eyes.
your kindness flows deep inside
with every breath,
nourishing my very spirit,
until i cannot help
but bloom
for you.


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