There is a subtle stoicism in nature. Life simply exists out there without command. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to die out there, alone. Nothing cares for your existence out there, not the trees, or the wind, or the creeks. You die, just like any other animal out there, and life simply […]


Your depression does not make you any less worthy. Not of happiness, not of contentment, and not of love. I beg of you to hold on to hope; hope that, in the end, the sun will shine upon you even brighter than before, that flowers bloom even fuller and that you deserve, above all else, […]

Ghost in You

There is a place I go in my dreams. Emerald grass dances in the wind and tall, skinny pines lay tucked for miles among the loam. I am uneasy in this place, as if I am an intruder and whatever lies among the trees knows I am here. Still I walk, from one point to […]


I remember watching an episode of House not too long ago. “Histories” was the name of this particular story. In it, House notices that his oncologist friend, James, has been leaving abruptly from work. At the end of the episode, House tails James to a derelict street corner, and asks James why he has been […]