I know you will not walk with me
but that is all right.
I walk with the earth
the wind
the trees
and small creatures of the hills;
I never truly
walk alone.



Did you truly believe
you could escape
your own energy?
What you sow
so shall you reap
one hundred fold.
Learn from this,
Cast aside the shadows within
and embrace your Light.
It is the only way
to escape this
wretched cycle.


Resolute Future

cannot thrive
in the absence
of vices.
For without them,
where would they receive
the drive
to overcome them?
Vice and virtue cannot exist
without the other
and a life spent overcoming
your weaknesses holds far more worth
than being fortunate enough
to be born good.



I have been
in solitude
for nearly eight years
Not through lack of trying,
mind you,
but I suppose that the Universe
has plans
mired in cosmic dust
that still elude me.
That is well enough
for this solitude has given me
I believe that we have been
so heavily conditioned
into thinking we are incomplete;
that in order to feel whole again
we must find something.
Maybe its another person
or another car
or a bigger house
or another digit on your paycheck.
But it’s all shit,
you see?
I think people are genuinely afraid
to be alone.
We have forgotten the ways
of personal development
and it forces us to confront parts of ourselves
that we cannot accept
and it is by no means a pleasurable experience.

At first.

day after day,
you slowly
wake up,
in a sense.
You realize
that all of the things
you were told you were without;
and love
were really inside of you all along.
After that shift in perspective
the rest of your days are spent
the methods of filling yourself
with those things
all on your own.
We never needed them to tell us
that we were inadequate.
All that I,
and anyone else
has ever needed
is the idea
that we
and we alone
are enough.



At some point
I think I have realized
that romantic love
is mostly bullshit.
my time on the mountain
has soured my force-fed expectations
on what love ought to be
but the more time I spend
among the trees and streams
the more I realize that there are
ways to love one another.
Far deeper,
I have spent so long
simply existing
in the wilds
and becoming a part of it
that my love for nature
and Her creatures
has almost augmented
the way I see others.
Looking upon her
is as serene
and effortless
as watching the setting sun
in all its golden glory
fade behind the purples and blues
of a shadow-soaked mountaintop.
You cannot change it
or control it,
nor will showering it with gifts
enrich the experience.
It simply exists
and the only way
to truly show
that you love her
is to strip away
what we were told to expect
and experience her
for what she is.
To see
that even here,
in a small coffee shop
in some small town,
can one watch a mountaintop sunset
every time
she takes a sip.



I felt it again.
That familiar
where you used to be.
I was in the shower
staring down at my hands.
from a day’s work.
I sat in solemn silence
as I watched the lukewarm water
dribble slowly
collecting the cement
and dirt
that eight hours worth
of back-breaking labor
bestows upon you.

It could not clean it.

I suppose.
I looked down to see
the darkened water
collecting at the drain
as the water pelted
the muscles in my back,
sore as ever.
I run my hands
through my dust-laden hair
scratching at my scalp.
The sensation sends ripples
throughout my body
and for a second
all pain had left me
down the drain
with the dirt.

It was then
when it came to me.
Washed over my being
with a quiet whisper.
The ache returned to my bones
the stiffness retreated back
to my neck.
A long
escaped my lips.

I felt it again.
The absence.
That how I know
you are still there.



You found the light of the Sun
too garish for your surreptitious ways
so you concealed yourself in the night.
But it is you who are the fool
for the moon is my ally
and its Light has revealed you
for who you truly are.
I ask you,
What have you gained from such malice?
In what regards have I wronged you so
in which you find it in yourself
to betray the only man
who held you when you fell
who gave you a piece of his shattered self
though he knew
through sacred bond
you belonged to another?
I had assumed
that because your own child
had survived the incurable
a malignancy most foul,
that you would have learned the value
of the human life.
The weight of a soul.
But you had not.
You allowed your hatred and anger
to consume you
and you are brimming with nothing
but contempt
and cruelty.
Were I of baser values
I would truly be hurt by this betrayal,
but I am not.
What moves my hand
is that you took your hatred for me
and used it to endanger my allies,
those that I held dear,
an act
of which
I cannot forgive.
You do not even try to understand
and it is your lust for self-gain
and your willingness to carelessly toss aside
those who care for you
that will be your undoing.

I truly believed in you once.
In your Light.
But now,
you are naught but a pitiful wraith
existing solely on the tepid embers
of your feeble Light.

Darkness is all that awaits you, wretch.


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