Did you truly believe you could escape your own energy? What you sow so shall you reap one hundred fold. Learn from this, friend. Cast aside the shadows within and embrace your Light. It is the only way to escape this wretched cycle. ~lt

Resolute Future

Man cannot thrive in the absence of vices. For without them, where would they receive the drive to overcome them? Vice and virtue cannot exist without the other and a life spent overcoming your weaknesses holds far more worth than being fortunate enough to be born good. ~lt


I have been in solitude for nearly eight years now. Not through lack of trying, mind you, but I suppose that the Universe has plans mired in cosmic dust that still elude me. That is well enough for this solitude has given me much. I believe that we have been so heavily conditioned into thinking […]


At some point I think I have realized that romantic love is mostly bullshit. Perhaps my time on the mountain has soured my force-fed expectations on what love ought to be but the more time I spend among the trees and streams the more I realize that there are different ways to love one another. […]


I felt it again. That familiar numbness where you used to be. I was in the shower staring down at my hands. Filthy, from a day’s work. I sat in solemn silence as I watched the lukewarm water dribble slowly collecting the cement and dirt that eight hours worth of back-breaking labor bestows upon you. […]


You found the light of the Sun too garish for your surreptitious ways so you concealed yourself in the night. But it is you who are the fool for the moon is my ally and its Light has revealed you for who you truly are. I ask you, What have you gained from such malice? […]