The Plan

You are angry because it distracts you
from how you are feeling.
It allows you to escape feelings of helplessness
or shame
but anger is not the root of the problem
but rather
your response to the problem.
Oftentimes people will tell me they feel angry
after meditation but
this is normal.
When you quiet your mind
so that it cannot distract you,
suppressed feelings well up from within
and your mind distracts you from that pain
with anger.
But this is your greatest tool in healing those parts of you
for this energy is neither good or bad,
but rather,
whatever you wish to use it for.



I suppose it is true
what they say
about anger.
That it never bears
true strength
and it always blinds.



Like many before I,
I tread the thicket of enlightenment.
Always seeking
never reaching,
the Light.
I poured myself into countless tales
of those who achieved the Light,
and though I have mastered the ways of the Earth,
the presence of mind still escapes of me.
An anomalous side-effect has presented itself to me
after many years of meditation and ruminating.
A stark, fiery, nearly uncontrollable
This rage would exhibit itself in seemingly random fashion
and I cannot state from whence it came.
I am puzzled
for is not the very purpose of meditation
to find peace?
Instead, I found myself incensed over trifles.
I do not find my being to be particularly wrathful,
though from time to time,
even I am capable of lacking
And there comes to mind
no single moment
where I was wronged to such an extent
that would warrant this unbridled hatred.
Could it be I have carried this ire
from another phase?
That maybe, I had become brimmed with fury
in the previous cycle,
that even upon Purification,
it escaped unscathed?
Another potentiality is that it reflects the stoic nature
of my soul.
I do not waste time dealing with matters of the self,
and thus,
these build and build until there is no other option
but cataclysmic meltdown.
If it is true what they say,
that he who angers you
conquers you,
what does it say
when the one who angers you
is yourself?


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