Guidance of Time

Teach yourself
the bounties
of independence
for if you expect
validation from others
to be your sole source of food
you shall surely starve
for the rest
of your days.



There are immutable differences
between that of a rose
and a toxic being.
A caustic individual wields their thorns
like a blade,
inflicting pain and hurt wherever and whenever
they can.
They claim that this is how the world made them,
that they are ever the victim,
and they take not a modicum of responsibility for their actions.
But, if you have noticed,
a rose does not use their thorns in anger
or in spite,
but rather,
This is because the rose knows its beauty
it knows its value,
and thus, protects itself
from those who would not show it
the utmost respect.

Be more the rose than the briar.


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