Non-Negotiable Limit

I’ve always thought of relationships as if someone needs to find you, and someone needs to avoid you. They will want to love you for the same reasons another has to hate you. Some will want to bathe in your love as if it were a refreshing waterfall, and others are afraid of getting wet. […]


There is no more futile an effort than trying to feed someone your love who is not hungry for it, or perhaps worse, wishes to stay hungry. ~lt

The Plan

You are angry because it distracts you from how you are feeling. It allows you to escape feelings of helplessness or shame but anger is not the root of the problem but rather your response to the problem. Oftentimes people will tell me they feel angry after meditation but this is normal. When you quiet […]

God Only Knows

Unless the Shadow is met in its darkest place it will continue to infect and decay everything that it touches. So powerful is this unaccepted side that it can transcend generations and the children you rear now will most surely inherit your venom, your anger, your Shadow. Banish the shame. ~lt

White Clouds

I hope one day I can walk the hills with you. That one day we can listen to the wind as it whispers through the oaks. That one day we can soak in the sun as the wildflowers do. That one day you will fall for the hills just as surely as I have fallen […]


No covenant on this Earth made in the name of God requires you to suffer abuse at the hands of another in order to preserve its sanctity, nor should you wish to serve a god that would rather you suffer and preserve a commitment than leave that which makes you sick and heal in God’s […]


I know you will not walk with me but that is all right. I walk with the earth the wind the trees and small creatures of the hills; I never truly walk alone. ~lt