we were really fighting
against time,
weren’t we?

every passing day
hours closer,
to the line drawn by powers

the briefest moment
spent together–
an eternity
in my heart.



you should never need
to remind someone
to love you.
you’ll know
when you are more in love
with the memories of them
than who they are now.



a soft
and quiet river
makes its way
through the mountain
just as effortlessly
as the roaring fire.



it’s quite strange
we haven’t spoken a word
in months
and yet
my heart talks to you
every day.

so full of you
my heart has become
that i cannot even say
it is mine anymore.



i think that’s all i really want;
an open night sky,
twinkling string lights,
bare feet on a wooden porch,
slow dancing with you
with Tennessee Whiskey
playing out over the lake.
i don’t need money
or power;
just a little corner of the world
that’s mine to share
with you.



you made the stars
a little brighter,
the sun
a bit warmer,
the booze a bit harder
and these long, lonely nights
a little more long
and lonely.



to be honest,
you occupy my mind
more than you probably should.
i wish it was something i could help
when this world gets cruel
and terrible,
all of me,
and mind
drift back
to when all we could think of
was a future
in which we didn’t have to be apart.

but oh,
this world
can be so cruel
and terrible.



no one will remember
the names of those
who do not fight.
so commit yourself
to your life;
there is no one else
who will fight for you.


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