Limitless Intensity

The more I come to know
of others
and the decisions they have made
the more I question
if it is the choices
we did not make
that make us
who we really are.



Zealous Offensive

September winds
though cool
and crisp
always fell short
to the way my name
passed through your lips.

October leaves
though red
and gold
always outshined
by the brown
in your eyes.

November rain
though soft
and refreshing
always withered
next to the feeling
of your lips
against mine.

December nights
though full of stars
and bright
fell flat
in the brilliance
of your smile.

Months come
and go
but what always stays
is how you made me feel.


And None May Escape It

that our deaths,
though inevitable,
are preordained.
That is,
that from the moment
we are given unto this world,
the hour of doom,
the moment we perish,
is cast.
this would give us
an abundance of freedom,
wouldn’t it?
Let’s say
that six months from now,
I die from a heart attack.
Couldn’t be avoided,
you know.
That would mean
at no time
from now
to that moment six months from now
I would be allowed to die.
That each
and every moment
I have
can be lived to its fullest
because I know that I cannot go
before my time.
this is the kicker.

We do not know when we will die.

That is the joke,
you see?
For if we knew when
then we would be riddled with fear
and worry
and every moment so graciously given to us
would be wasted.
So please,
live every moment
as if it is your last
for it very well might be,
you know?



They call it
A longing
to return to a land
that you have never been.
Though I do not know
how it is possible
I know that when the winds
blow a certain chill
through my bones
the warmth of an enormous hearth
surrounds my soul,
the clattering of tankards
and the cacophonous orchestra
of laughter fills my ears.
In my vision
I step out from this lodge
and my eyes are met
with the brilliant hues
and garnets
that coalesce
into the most humbling array
of Northern Lights
that any soul could hope to see.
A soft flurry sets in
as gentle snowflakes
kiss my skin.
My eyes close.
My home
to which I
have never been.



spanning the shimmering expanse
of time
can overcome my love
for you.
that lies
between us
and the farthest reaches
of the cosmos
may surmount it.
I shall wait for you
amidst the tickings
of the clock.
In the timeless null
devoid of all that is
will I wait,
a beacon.
A beacon
that will guide you
to the safe waters
of my heart.
Between the beatings
of your heart
will I stand by,
in the moments that exist
while we do not,
beckoning you
to walk
these golden fields with me.
It is in the time
without time
will I spend eternity
waiting for you.
Won’t you find me


Timeless Visage

It has become
to move past you.
I see you
in her.
And in her.
And in her.
Not because
you were good to me.
Not because
I still feel for you.
Or because
of what we’ve said
to one another.
But because
you are an ever-present
that lingers
behind every potentiality.
I see you there
warping the future
to your twisted design.
You did more
than destroy me.
You took any future
I may have had
and poisoned it.
This is how it could be,
I hear you whisper
in my ear.
Just like how it was with me.
The heartbreak
of a million futures
weighs upon me.
there is no end
to this haunting
and solitude
is all that awaits me.