Your depression does not make you any less worthy. Not of happiness, not of contentment, and not of love. I beg of you to hold on to hope; hope that, in the end, the sun will shine upon you even brighter than before, that flowers bloom even fuller and that you deserve, above all else, […]

Ghost in You

There is a place I go in my dreams. Emerald grass dances in the wind and tall, skinny pines lay tucked for miles among the loam. I am uneasy in this place, as if I am an intruder and whatever lies among the trees knows I am here. Still I walk, from one point to […]

The Interstate

I’m just tired,that’s all.Weary bonesand holes in my soul.SometimesI just want to lay down against a treeand just restand fade awayas the grass grows into meand my soul becomes onewith the wind. ~lt

Proof of Malice

You cannot love the abuse out of someone.They will grasp at straws;they will isolate youand cut you off from your loved ones.They will attempt to make themselves appearas the victim.They will make you believe you are worthless;“Who would want you?”they might ask.They will refuse healing and helpbecause the abuser needs to be right;it isn’t about […]

Firewatch 2

I knew something was wrongwhen the naps felt a little longerand the time spent awakegrew shorter and shorter;what is it that I am running from?And why, of all people,do I run to you? ~Lt

Angels and Alcohol

You can’t change lonelywith a bottle of wine.It might ease the heartachefor one shorteasy time.In the end,you have to face what’s hidin’in your mind.You can’t change lonelywith a bottle of wine. -Alan Jackson, “Angels and Alcohol”