No Mightier Sword

I was gifted
with too sharp a tongue
and cursed
with no scabbard
in which to sheath it.




We like to think
that we are the heroes
of our story.
That when we are removed
from a toxic situation
that we were the ones
who God was looking out for.
But we
think that we were bad
for someone else
and that God spared them
from us.
we are not
always the hero.


Downfall of Eden

You were never really afraid to lose me.
The attention,
but me?
There was never enough I could do
or say
to get you to stay
as you flitted
from one source of attention
to the next
like a sort of
sick butterfly.
My thorns only grew bigger
the moment I realized
that I was not the only flower
in your garden.


The Mountain and I

The more my soles
tread upon that old mountain
the more I begin to believe
that it is far less
carving my way to the summit
than it is
the mountain
carving its way
into my soul.
I always enter
with my worries
and pain
and sorrow
and shames
and yet,
I always leave
in a good sort of way.

Perhaps I am not taming the mountain.
the mountain is taming me.