Mysterious Progress

Billy Joel once said “I don’t need clever conversation. I just need someone I can talk to.” And tonight, I’d really like that person to be you.


A Lonely Battle

i despise your cowardice;
your ability
to soften
the hardness in my heart
for life,
for love,
only to leave
much how you found it.
i pray
you never
this pain.


Horrifying Resurrection

how could i ever
try and forget
the times spent with someone
that made me feel alive?
the times spent
with someone
that made this cruel world
worth fighting for?

i could never
be like you.


Divine SS

i wish i could see you again.
just one last time.
i want to see how happy you are
without me
so i can know
that all of the pain
of living without you
is worth it.


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