Lion’s Breath

will not have his work
made manifest by cowards.
do what you are afraid to do.
Do the thing you fear
and the death of fear
is certain

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Heavenly Breathing

the shorter these days get
the more my soul
yearns to run wild among the oaks,
barefoot through the grass,
and take back everything
i thought was lost.


Brass Petals

i wonder,
if when you look at me,
do you truly see me?
do you catch me
looking a little bit longer
than should?
do you catch me
watching how your lips
form around my name?
i wonder,
you know me,
but do you truly
understand me?



it’s you.
do you remember
the promise that left your lips
as we walked through the eucalyptus trees?
that you were done with him
and his lies?
looking back,
i suppose you had much more in common with him
than you let on.

what a pity.


Into Blue

my heart whispers
like the groans of old ship,
mourns in the hush
of a wind-kissed field of wheat
and loves
in the gentle rush
of an outgoing tide.
i yearn to love
and to be loved
as free as i am meant
to be.


Great Gig

i’m not afraid of dying.
there really isn’t a reason at all
to be afraid of it.
and i know this sounds bad,
but sometimes,
i think i look forward to it.
when the aches in my bones
no longer ache
and the breaks in my heart
no longer break.
when the last of my body withers
to dust
maybe my spirit can finally feel
free to live among the trees,
the winds,
and the stars.


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