Catching Up

what am i meant
to do?
or can i do anything
and give it meaning?
why do i always
end up feeling
so dissatisfied?
am i dissatisfied
with what i do
or am i dissatisfied
with myself?


Mountain Mama

my problem
is that i romanticize the impossible.
perhaps that is why
i am filled
with leftover love
from the realities
that just couldn’t be.


Midnight Range

your absence
has since revealed itself
to be a gift;
for it gave me the words necessary
to heal the pain
it had caused.


Solar Fuse

the way your nose would scrunch up
when you laughed
anytime i said something stupid
told me all i needed to know
about you
and me.


Fear Gatling

i suppose it is best
i write not
of the more maddening thoughts
that burrow in-between the walls
of my mind.
an ever-present hunger
clawing from within;
spiraling tendrils
of insanity,
of which the only thing keeping me
one step ahead
is you.


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