Angels and Alcohol

You can’t change lonelywith a bottle of wine.It might ease the heartachefor one shorteasy time.In the end,you have to face what’s hidin’in your mind.You can’t change lonelywith a bottle of wine. -Alan Jackson, “Angels and Alcohol”


It does not matter how hard, or how fast, or how far we try to run from something. It will always be there, ready to be faced, the moment you stop running. And we cannot run forever. So the question you really have to ask yourself is this; when are you gonna carry that weight? […]

The Snake

I found an old e-mail you had sent me years ago. It didn’t say much; you never did have much to say to me. I sat looking at your e-mail address for what felt like hours. A part of me wanted to reach out to you but what could I say that I haven’t already […]

The Crow

Allow me, little flower, to carry your pain even if it is only for a little while. You cannot bloom with so heavy a heart and mind. Allow me to shoulder it, little flower. Empty your eyes, so full of sadness and bitterness, upon me so that for once, even if for a moment, you […]

Heated Clash

Our ability to draw meaning from inherently random events is one part foolish and another part biological tool to cope. Though our bodies may be destroyed so long as we believe it is for a purpose do we toil and suffer needlessly. ~lt


The wind whispers gently between the trees in the forest of my dreams. Meet me here. Together we can make a fire and count the stars that glow above the pines. ~lt

The Sage

I believe there are times where you need to sit her down and remind her that she is loved deeper than any ocean, more beautiful than any sunflower, and that she shines brighter than the sun. But, most importantly, that she is enough. ~lt