No covenant on this Earth made in the name of God requires you to suffer abuse at the hands of another in order to preserve its sanctity, nor should you wish to serve a god that would rather you suffer and preserve a commitment than leave that which makes you sick and heal in God’s […]


I know you will not walk with me but that is all right. I walk with the earth the wind the trees and small creatures of the hills; I never truly walk alone. ~lt

C. 13:4-8

The single most destructive force to ever ruin friendships, relationships, and marriages is contempt. Where the empathic person is caring and understanding of others concerns, the contemptuous person brims with arrogant disregard and denigration of the feelings of others. “I know best”. Empathy strengthens and nurtures; contempt freezes and invites hopelessness. The more contempt is […]