It’s peculiar, this feeling you give me. I always assumed that love was this grandiose expression, fancy dinners, vests and dresses, diamonds and pearls. Maybe love is still about those things, but then I met you, and suddenly all of that changed. For the first time, I wanted nothing more than to simply be with […]


Are you afraid of God? I am afraid. Of a lot of things, truthfully. But of all the things that keep me up late at night, none hold as much power over me as do you. Do not mistake me, I do not find you scary, though the way your eyes can bring me to […]


I do not want simple seconds or microscopic minutes with you. I want seasons with you I want to experience the Spring of our love, when we bloom together far fuller than any rose or snapdragon we can say we have seen. When the young tendrils of our hearts and souls begin to take root […]


You would never know, It took so many nights Of restless sleep, Of sleepless nights, Of endless tears, Of sundering heartache, To realize that from you, Silence was an answer, too. Why, after all that has come between us, Do you not afford me even a mote of truth? Why would you rather just leave […]


It had been so long since I last heard it, the crunch of the gravel as we pulled in the driveway. I had never seen that walnut tree look so full of life! I decided to take my shoes off, to once again feel the rough bark against my feet. To my surprise, that old […]


“Hush, my love.” I’ll whisper, cupping my hands around your warm, tear-stained cheeks. “Look at me. Look at me. Look into my eyes.” I’ll say, gazing deep into your earthy eyes. See how, like sapphires, my eyes are? What do you see? You see a lake, don’t you? And on this lake, a lonely pier, […]


I felt it again. That familiar numbness where you used to be. I was in the shower staring down at my hands. Filthy, from a day’s work. I sat in solemn silence as I watched the lukewarm water dribble slowly collecting the cement and dirt that eight hours worth of back-breaking labor bestows upon you. […]