I know That I am no good for you. That I do not deserve you or the love that you could give. I know that I am not worthy of you; but listen. I know that I cannot promise you that dark clouds will never hover over our lives or that the future will bring […]


I pity the beings born in my time the most. They believe that it is well to not care to harden their hearts to suppress their own emotions and heart for the sake of what, exactly? How is it that we have become so ashamed of ourselves that we find our own emotions more blight […]


He calls you beautiful, or even sexy, I’m sure, But that’s where he stops, isn’t it? He’s never attempted to describe the way sunlight ignites your freckles, making the stars in the heavens burn in jealousy, or try his best to explain the precise moment when your laugh hits his eardrums, and makes him feel […]


Though I have desperately tried I cannot remember the first time your soul whispered unto mine, but I know you woke it, and it has never slept since. It was a gentle hush, a soft utterance, that brought my soul to its knees with the realization of two constants; that the sun will always fall […]


I buried you last night. I do not believe you even knew my favorite color. Were my heart not fraught with the frailties of the Light, it would have been much sooner. But I was given the spark of hope by the Sun and the Moon, and I put my faith in you for far […]

Love, Cosmic

Did it ever occur to you, that the universe, in it’s grand design, had conspired to bring us together? That we are drawn to one another, like planets in orbit, and the constellations, a chart, from me, to you? Is it really so hard to believe, that maybe, we were born from the same cluster […]


I have heard it said that the person you think of when you stand in front of the ocean is the person you are in love with, and while I cannot argue that thought, for I have thought of you many, many times there, I wonder if the inverse is true? What if the person […]