I bleed A minor wound to be certain, but it persists even now. I bleed for you. I bleed for your sorrow. For the betrayal of those you held close. For the heart you wish would no longer beat. For the home your soul so desperately seeks. I bleed for your anguish. For the mother […]


I grow weary of simply existing. My soul, my mind, my heart; they hunger for more. I can no longer stay content with who and what I am. No longer will the simple pleasantries of this aching world tide me. My soul yearns to tread in undiscovered meadows of which blooms the wildest of roses, […]


You asked me how I could write of love, A force so deep and true, In spite of everything that happened, Of all the wrongs between me and you. But darling, Love, true love, doesn’t leave, Even if the person might, And you’ve been in my heart and mind, In every day and every night. […]

Childhood Dreamin’

“Why me?,” I’ve heard you ask. A simple enough question, I suppose, but to truly answer that question, I would need so much more time and thought than I could hope to have this life. It all happened so suddenly, you see. As a child, I had many dreams, as children often do. But not […]


I was taking a brief respite outside, late one night, when, under the silvery silken light of the pearl in the sky, I came upon a solemn realization. You and I are like the sun and moon. You are so much like the sun. Your love, light that can penetrate even the darkest of souls, […]


I like to believe that even though our souls are worlds apart, we are constellations in one another’s night sky. Listless dreamers finding solace in the memories of each other. Distant worlds, your soul and mine, separated only by the aches in our hearts. ~LT


There can never be half measures in love, only all or nothing. And if it doesn’t make you tremble and go mad at the very thought of losing it you should move on. Because you are not allowed to be a coward and be in love; you must choose. For I have discovered that love, the best […]