Meeting you changed everything I thought I knew, About life, about love. Your laugh echoes in the corridors of my mind, your smile, so luminous, how could I not have fallen for you? To be saved by just a look, how could I have been so lost? Maybe the universe brought us together to tell […]


I step outside. It’s another cool night in October. I pull my jacket tighter, and I could swear I feet your touch upon the withering winds. It’s chill numbs me to my very bones, and I walk. The soft orange glow of the neighborhood street lamps line the sidewalk, now littered with fallen leaves, and […]


Here’s the thing about scars. They aren’t hideous or unsightly. They aren’t signs of failure but rather a sign of the living. That you surpassed whatever it was that you thought would kill you. And perhaps, even better, each one is indicative of an incredible story, for no two scars are ever alike. So wear […]


When the day comes that Death makes his dreaded march to take me away, I have but one humble request. My spirit will have transcended even the stars, my mind lost to the Great Expanse of Time, so it is only fitting that my body be purged by righteous flame. My ashes, once purified, shall […]


Imagine, if you will, a hawk. Circling far up in the summer sky, when out of the corner of its razor sharp eyes it espies a mouse. A meal. A hard bank right and our hawk plunges into its murderous descent. It folds its wing closer to its feathered frame, and reaches speeds of up […]


From child to elder, we are given a chance. A chance to leave this world brighter or darker than it was before us. Choose wisely, won’t you? ~LT


I think perhaps the reason I give so much of myself so freely to others is because I have never been given enough and I would never want anyone else to feel the way I did. ~LT