Tell me, do your eyes only see as far as the Light shines? Would you deny the Darkness that lurks within your heart? No. Only a fool would not use every tool given unto him. Remember, the brighter the Light, the darker the Shadow. Can you atone for the sins of your past? I wonder. […]


It’s 4 a.m. My eyes adjust to the darkness in my room and my arm reaches to touch you. But you are not there. My hand grasps the sheets where you once lay, a pale imitation of the way your skin felt against my coarse hands. The wild October wind blows outside, and my body […]


I knew that what I had for you was love when I realized that I was willing to sacrifice our friendship in order to save your life. If it’s easier to hate me, then so be it. ~LT  

Hallow’s End

A lot can happen in a year. But I guess the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. It was just last year, where we found ourselves at some lame Halloween party. I remember feeling so bummed because I didn’t think you were going to come, because you were at another […]


I was asked once how it is that I write the way I do. The breaks and spaces of how I phrase my ideas, how I can convey raw emotions to such degree. The answer is really quite simple; I am in love. And when you are in love you open yourself to untold fields […]


I wonder if there is a word for falling in love with the way a person’s mouth forms words. For the way their lips curl when they say love or when they say I missed you. For the way they droop when they say No or when they say Goodbye. I wonder. ~LT

Simple Gifts

I used to think that love was some grand gesture And don’t get me wrong, it can most certainly be that. But I have found love in the oddest, yet s i m p l e s t of places. Sometimes, love is quiet and small, like holding her hand for the first time. Other […]