He knew that this day would come. Its arrival foretold by the cutting cold of the November wind, chilling his bones and numbing his mind. How did it ever come to this? The cracks in his mask, having grown larger to the freeze, threatened to expose his very soul. Anything, anything but that. He turned […]


I wonder, if there will be a morning when you wake up missing me. That, maybe, some incident in your life would have finally taught you the true value of my worth. And you will feel a surge of longing, when you remember how I was good to you. When this day comes, I hope […]


Honest men have honest dreams, or so they say. I dream not of power or even wisdom and scarcely do I find myself lost in visions of wealth. No, when I dream, I dream of you. I dream of of an emerald valley and in this valley bloom wild roses, their radiant ruby petals dancing […]


The following is a story I came across in my travels. I take no credit for said story, but I will say that I resonated with the moral it held. As a child, I had quite the temper. You wouldn’t know it by being around me, but I was a very angry and fearful son. […]


Love, to me, should fit like a tightly knit sweater. Snug from collar to core, and though hole-y in parts, it keeps you warm nonetheless, the quiet itch from stray strands reminding you that a love like this is as real as a well-knit sweater. ~LT


I never considered myself a storm chaser. I was not one to run headlong into fierce winds and wild currents. I bundled up in a warm blanket and comfy socks and waited out the rough weather. No, I never considered myself a storm chaser until I met her. ~LT