I used to wonder how people could become so full, brimming, with anger, and hatred. But then I remember all of the times were I was abused, taken advantage of, heartbroken, back stabbed, lied to, and left for dead, and I get it. I really get it. ~LT


Time is a fickle, fickle thing. Sometimes you meet the wrong people at the right time and the right people at the wrong time. And for all the years I have been alive, I do not truly know which is worse. ~LT


How did I get here? What events led me to this point, surrounded on all fronts. Sword drawn, back against a wall. Demons closing in. I remember now. I saw you, fighting your monsters and like the fool I was, I leapt in, shield up, and I took your back. I vowed to never let […]

All Saints

I cannot wait for Halloween. I’m not going to any parties. No, I suppose I am not the kind that gets invited to any of the type of parties the usual crowd tend to throw. You know the kind. Where everyone gets dressed up in costumes no one gives a fuck about, to get shitfaced […]


Won’t someone come for my heart? All it has done is weigh me down, and like the wax-winged figure of legend, I am ready to fly into the sun. ~LT


Truthfully, I cannot remember the last time I felt content. The past few years it’s as if I have been wandering listlessly from place to place, like a ghost who hasn’t a ground to haunt. Though my body and mind have been freed, my heart continues to yearn for that which breaks it. Perhaps we […]


So, you think that because you are fire, you can just burn whatever you touch? Silly flame. I am a cyclone, and your pyre has no power here. No, I am far too much for the likes of you, and my heart will extinguish your tepid attempts to quiet me. Blow away, little spark. But […]