another birthday come and gone.
i really thought you would have remembered.
i guess i shouldn’t have expected anything
i guess my heart still finds ways to hope.
hope for you,
hope for us.

i really should stop leaving the lights on
for you
i guess another night
wouldn’t hurt,
another night
up late
thinking of you
knowing you’re out there
not giving a damn
about me.



i had you in a dream again.
you were in my arms
and we were whispering
to each other
the things we used to say.
if only i had known
that dreams of you
would be the only thing
i have left.

i should have seen it.
there was ‘goodbye’
in your eyes
long before
i said hello.



you traded
your freedom
and your voice
for safety.

was it worth it?

are you any happier now?

i really don’t think you’re going to like the ending.


September, Again

a year ago
i told you
it was you.
you couldn’t bear
to look me in the eyes
when i told you.
had i known
that in the span of a year
we would would never speak again,
i would have never let you know.



something is in the air.
evil has long existed
but now?
it feels as if
it is truly about to raise its wicked head
and strike.
and where are all the heroes?
all the people who claimed
to care?
i’ll tell you secret;

there was never any heroes.


we’ve been fed comfortable lies
and now
our bellies are bulging
with self-righteousness and decadence.

we were the heroes
and we traded our liberties
for acceptance and safeties.

we deserve everything that is coming to us.


Reprise of Hope

you don’t know me
i don’t know that you ever will.
i wonder
if late at night,
you lay in your bed
staring up at the ceiling,
wondering if someone like me
is out there.
i know i do.
i wonder
if your arms ache for me
in the middle of the night
like mine do.
i hope
wherever you are
that you feel,
deep inside,
that i am looking for you
and i hope you don’t give up
looking for me,



they will only notice
when you break;
when you’ve been pushed
beyond your limit.
they will not see
the years
of suffering endured
that got you there.
they will create monsters
and have the audacity
to be shocked
when the monsters
bite back.


Light Dark Revolution

most dogs are weak.
they cower in the face of danger.
fewer will sell themselves out
and others;
as long as they keep their heads down,
they are fed
and kept warm.
but there are a few
that remember that once
they were wolves
and they remember what happens
to those who do not keep
tooth and claw
with a gleaming edge.
they have not forgotten
that the tree of liberty
is kept nourished
by the blood of tyrants
and by the blood of those
who would defend her.

keep your fangs sharpened, wolves.
your time draws near.



maybe there are people
that are just too broken,
too hurt,
too full of anger
and disappointment
to love again.
i wonder what will happen
to those people.
i wonder
what will


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