Acid Sons

know this;
thy whirlwind
shall be reaped.
the thunder of our fathers
must be brought to account,
lest future generations
be brought to bear
their curse.


Wrong Number

there is justice
upon the wind.
your best laid plans
were not so?
if the truth
has not yet
been laid bare,
you will find as such,



Java Dreams

i think i can finally say
that you are naught
but bones to me.
your spirit,
now laid to rest,
no longer haunts
this wintry house.
a little sun
would do this old boy



little flame,
hear ye this;
compensate for your innocence
with courage!
not all are deserving
of your fire.
utilize the sage’s advice,
for time yields wisdom
and from wisdom
comes discretion.
decide for yourself
what ventures
are worth the pain.
love should not be
so difficult
a thing.


A Son’s Gratitude

were i half the man you are,
i might have spared myself
years of torment
and suffering.
you have never waivered
in your faith.
i truly admire that
about you.
the answer was always God.
i pray for many more years
of your knowledge
and that you might one day see
the man i could raise.
thank you
for years of sacrifices,
of dreams delayed,
of hopes put to rest,
all so that we could one day look back
and see your measure.
i hope
that when the days grow long
and you look back on your life,
you are filled with joy
and pride
at how your children
have embodied your teachings.

i love you,
Happy Father’s Day.


Lucent Veil

it wasn’t long;
mere moments.
but in-between the breaths
and drowned-out words,
you held me captive
in your blues.
i have been looking at the earth
for too long;
i should be looking
to the skies


Lance of Returning Promise

have you lost yourself
in the battle
and forgotten your will?
overcome your obstacles
and grasp your dreams!
trust in yourself,
for a soul
cannot be tamed.
i pray
that you reclaim what you have lost
and turn from despondent ember
to glimmering blaze.


Noir Seeker

ye of tepid flame;
had you truly wished
to break the cycle,
you would have found your answer
by now.
you have grown
to enjoy your suffering.


Dark Moon’s Portent

what manner of fiend are you
to have willingly chosen
so desolate
a path?
just as the lion
claws its way back from the depths
so, too,
will the iniquities of your heart
be brought to light.
you do not even try
to understand!
you have drowned in your trauma
and have forgotten your will
and now
your misdeeds roar into the night sky,
demanding justice.
hear these words,
pathetic weed;
the day will come
when your heart
can no longer bear the weight
of your deception
and shadow
and it will cost you

i cannot bring myself to pray,
even for mercy.
there shall be no compassion
in your judgement.



i wonder
if he lets wear your hair
and not the boring,
straight kind of way
he made you wear it
but the truly wild
of gold and bronze
it wanted to be.
When you have the might
and majesty of the ocean,
you can never be forced
into a river.


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