Ghost in You

There is a place I go in my dreams. Emerald grass dances in the wind and tall, skinny pines lay tucked for miles among the loam. I am uneasy in this place, as if I am an intruder and whatever lies among the trees knows I am here. Still I walk, from one point to […]

The Interstate

I’m just tired,that’s all.Weary bonesand holes in my soul.SometimesI just want to lay down against a treeand just restand fade awayas the grass grows into meand my soul becomes onewith the wind. ~lt

Proof of Malice

You cannot love the abuse out of someone.They will grasp at straws;they will isolate youand cut you off from your loved ones.They will attempt to make themselves appearas the victim.They will make you believe you are worthless;“Who would want you?”they might ask.They will refuse healing and helpbecause the abuser needs to be right;it isn’t about […]

Firewatch 2

I knew something was wrongwhen the naps felt a little longerand the time spent awakegrew shorter and shorter;what is it that I am running from?And why, of all people,do I run to you? ~Lt

Angels and Alcohol

You can’t change lonelywith a bottle of wine.It might ease the heartachefor one shorteasy time.In the end,you have to face what’s hidin’in your mind.You can’t change lonelywith a bottle of wine. -Alan Jackson, “Angels and Alcohol”


It does not matter how hard, or how fast, or how far we try to run from something. It will always be there, ready to be faced, the moment you stop running. And we cannot run forever. So the question you really have to ask yourself is this; when are you gonna carry that weight? […]