I pity the man who has not lived
through misfortune.
You have passed through this life easy;
without adversary.
No one,
not even yourself,
will ever know what you are truly capable of.



little sunflower.
Don’t you think it is time
to realize
that you carry something within you
that makes you far more powerful
and miraculous
than the trivial things that affect you
and cause you such grief?




I think of you;
of oversized quilts
and cups of hot chocolate.

I think of you;
of freshly fallen snow
and rain trickling down windows.

I think of you;
of crackling fireplaces
and hands wrapped up tight.

I think of you;
of wedding dresses
and tender dancing.


The Color

No matter the circumstance,
everything that happens to you
is one of two different things;
or not.
If you cannot endure it,
then do not.
If you can endure,
then endure it.
Complaining fixes nothing.


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