I rarely get the time but sometimes, I let it slip past me. I lean against a craggy oak standing silent as the gods, as the universe. Who out there can share this solitude with me? ~lt

Panoramic Feelings

Days fall listlessly as leaves on an autumn breeze. Restless; a dream. The days I spent with you were the only times I felt awake, the only time it felt real. One dream for another. ~lt


When I am asked why I spend so much time among the umber mountains, I laugh a silent laugh. Can you not see? My soul is at peace, the wild oak leaves fall in the sun, the morning mountain mist. Would you believe that beyond the shallow world of men lies another heaven and earth? […]


My dreams are rife of you. Of your smile and your laugh. The way your hair dances around your shoulders; magic. And yet, I am the one losing sleep because I know you don’t dream of me the way I dream of you. ~lt

Lessons of the Soul

It doesn’t matter, you know? None of it. Not the cars, or the glamour, hell, not even the money. It’s all part of the Great Illusion, don’t you see? Take it all of it away and what do you have? Show me the depth of your character; not your wallet. Show me the strength of […]