I sat in silent solemnity as the bartender poured his bourbon. My eyes fell upon the amber as it splashed lazily across the glassed surface of the ice cubes. I was reminded of how much your hair fell about your collarbone in a similar way, it’s chocolate hues contrasted by the alabaster sheen of your […]


Sometimes I wonder if love is worth the battle the pain the regret the sorrow the emptiness the bittersweet the loneliness the long nights the foolish fights and then I remember the way you would play with my hair when you thought I was asleep and I’m ready for war. ~LT


This time of year is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. Fondest memories of me in my worn-out jeans, running through the falling leaves that soul-soothing crunch  sang to my ears as my little feet would carry me as far as my eyes could see. I distinctly remember Vince Guaraldi, playing over my dad’s […]


I can think of no greater Hell, no stauncher example of a life in absolute anguish and darkness, no paragon of despair and loathing than dreaming of you and waking up alone. Flowers wilt but in an instant don’t they? ~LT


Five Days You’ve done your best to cut me out. Threw away my old flannel, the cd’s I made with the songs we sang until our throats were red. You bury yourself In your friendships, the ones you always told me you hated. Anything to forget what I meant to you once. 5 Weeks We […]

Hjartað er heimili

You have tried to be more of a woman because that’s what he wanted, wasn’t it? You tried your best to be prettier, more gentle, calmer, less absurd and more tame than wild. But darling, you simply cannot make someone love you. You cannot make someone stay. You tried your best to be more of a woman […]


How do you measure a man? Is it by his actions? Or is it by his words? Could it be by the company he keeps? Or would it be by the secrets he holds? How do you measure a man? Perhaps it is by the sacrifices he makes or rather, by the choices he doesn’t […]