thoughts of you
trickle softly;
a whispering brook
cutting through
the darkest parts of my mind.
You are my calm.



I wonder
if you stare up at the stars
and dream of me, too.
If you hear me in the wind,
like I hear you.
When these nights grow long
do you wish
to hold me close?
I wonder.


Lunar Revel

I still think of that night.
You went as Little Red
and I,
you’re unwitting Huntsman.
Under the citrine glow of the street lamps,
you wove your tales
of the beasts of old
that had hunted you,
turning you
into the fairy tale
you were that day.
I wish that I had seen it then;
the cruel glow in your eyes,
the way your teeth glistened under the moon.
It wasn’t Red that I gave my heart to that night,
was it, Wolf?



it has always been this way.
moments of closeness
followed by long droughts
of silence.
how much more time
will we let slip away
in the name of fear?
how much longer must i thirst
for you
until i am given a shallow sip



the more I come to understand myself
and others
the more I wonder
if people can truly change
do they simply grow
into who they are meant to be.



you are wind
in my veins
and stardust
in my eyes.
i seek you,
reach for you,
and yet like sand
slipping between my fingers
you are just out of reach.

for now.


The Sef

I want seasons with you.
I want the greens of Spring,
of new beginnings and blooms.
I want the golds of Summer,
of warm nights and wine.
I want the rubies of Autumn,
of falling leaves and quilts.
I want the diamonds of winter,
of cozy fireplaces and sweaters.
I want seasons with you.


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