I think of what it would be liketo hold youclose.Throwing on some Stapletonand a glass of something strongrocking side to sidewith you.You’ve always had me,you know?Those honey-soaked eyesnever looked so good.I’ve never been much of dancerbut the way you say my namemakes me want to hold youjust like thisand dance these long nightsaway. ~lt


I do so love the soundof wind rushing through the trees,of oars in a calm spring,of cool rain on glass,of wood crackling in a fire,of my name on your lipsand your nameon mine. ~lt


eyes like yours are never “just brown”.they are golden pools of honey-soaked sage,a chilled glass of smoky bourbon, aged to perfection,a fresh press of rich, chocolaty coffee, smooth and deep.eyes like yours are never “just brown”. ~lt


Give me your painsand I will plant themto show you that the most beautiful bloomsstem from the seeds that have suffered the most. ~lt

MC 1:14

You are my art, you know? I can write about anything; the way the wind softly caresses the trees or how the stars brilliantly light the night sky above us. But when I try to write about you, I find myself at a loss for words. That is how I know I have found something […]

1:07 am

Sometimes I’ll stay up late so I can open my window and listen to the crickets outside. In the summer they tend to gather in larger numbers and create quite the ensemble, so I’ve taken to listening to their little performances from night to night. I find it to be rather soothing. So I lay […]


We meet in dreams,you and I.With your hand in minewe walk togetheron the shores of a distant world.Even though it is but a dreamit is the only timewhere I truly feel that I am alive. ~lt


There is a subtle stoicism in nature. Life simply exists out there without command. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to die out there, alone. Nothing cares for your existence out there, not the trees, or the wind, or the creeks. You die, just like any other animal out there, and life simply […]