Snake Eater

i still remember that afternoon.

the details have been lost time
i sure felt something.

we drank more than we should
considering we had work
the next day
we had our fair share of problems
and in that moment
the only person who would listen
was each other.

i was fumbling for my keys
when you pulled up
and told me you had a great time.
i smiled and said the same
but then
you told me to tell you
i loved you.

there was a brief moment between us
when it felt as time
was torn asunder;
timelines evolving and decaying
all hinging
upon what i said.

i remember looking into your eyes;
those beautiful,
albeit slightly drunken eyes
and telling you
i loved you.
the look you gave me
as you drove off,
your laughter
ringing in my ears,
was all
i needed to know.

i wonder
if you remember,


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