i have a difficult time believing that people can change. if anything, they only ever become the people they were always in the process of becoming. whether or not that person is the same to you is of no consequence; you choose if that new person is worth fighting for. and i don’t believe that God can change people, as bad as that sounds. if He could, i have hard time buying the idea that He wouldn’t change the souls of murderers or rapists or anyone like that. there is evil in the world undoubtedly because people refuse to change themselves for God. It is a change we must enact upon ourselves. if He did it for us, i highly doubt such a change would be meaningful; in fact, i imagine it would be akin to a creator turning switches on and off their robot. we are not mere tools for God to wield as He pleases, but instead, potentials for good that must be willingly fashioned for His love and mission.


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