“Cornfield Chase” Interstellar, Hans Zimmer

i will be your ghost.
a specter
of simpler times,
a jinn of the joyful memories
we shared.
i know you will not come back
to these grounds
if you do,
i hope you remember with tender fondness
our talks of a home with a red door,
of walking down the beaches of Mexico,
of seeing the Northern Lights,
of walks in the park,
of dancing in the dark,
of my hands wanting to run
through your hair,
of cooking at midnight,
of holding you close,
of driving to look at Christmas lights,
of studying the Bible together,
of listening to you sing church songs,
of ten minute breaks,
of love-me, love-me nots at the library,
of leftovers and IM’s,
of butterflies and hummingbirds,
of talking for hours on end,
of sunflower kitchen sets,
of raising him,
of teaching him video games
and how to fish and love the trees,
of blue apples,
of healing together,
and of you
and me.

this is my final message
to you.

i love you


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