I know how you feel.
We all hope
for a better ending.
But it is different this time,
isn’t it?
Be wary,
for they will respect your newfound strength
for a while
and behave accordingly.
There will be a brief time of peace
before the immediate attempt
of control and abuse.
They will hold your newfound independence,
your new friends,
your wishes,
your needs,
and plans
with great contempt and resentment
because for once,
you showed them
how worthless they truly are.
When it crumbles,
and it will crumble,
there will be nothing to stand in the way
of their all-consuming sense
of entitlement,
of their aggression,
sexual depravity,
and rage.

In the end,
try though you might,
you are faced with this;
to leave again
and abandon all of the investments
that went into the resurrection
to go on trying
and ride the inevitable cycle of idealization
and devaluation.


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