Pedestal and the Pit

they move quickly,
don’t they?
they groom you into believing
that you are the funniest,
the prettiest,
the smartest,
most beautiful person in the world.
it’s almost dizzying.
you are placed upon this pedestal
for the world to see,
but you see,
that is all part of the plan.
once you have been caught,
you are knocked down
into the darkened pit.
you will be belittled,
and guilted.
you are worthless,
and then,
and only then,
when they have pushed you to the edge
of their dirty web,
to the edge of freedom,
they pull out the pedestal
and reel you back with falsehoods
so that the cycle may begin again.
and again.
and again.
and again.
and again.


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