I find it funny
how in the end
I wanted it to be you
and me
but instead
it was me
and the trees
and the wind
and the hills
and the ocean
and the moon.
Perhaps solitude
is more gift
than curse.


3 thoughts on “Covenant

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  1. Beautiful! I can imagine that John Muir felt the very same way. As you have found out, the path you walk is not crowded because many people don’t know what you’re about, but those who do know are enthralled & grateful to be able to meet and hear from a kindred spirit. To God be the glory!
    I love you, Harrison! Gram
    Jan Antonsson Sent from my iPhone


  2. it is! solitude has a magnitude of purpose for being enclosed within ones own dreams and satisfactions. we become our own shelter, shoring up the particular mood one desires or destroying it when it pleases us. No one else has the power to doom our day and better that way.


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