Venus Quickstep

I want to believe in it,
you know?
In love.
the more I see,
the less I believe
that something so pure and noble
could ever be achieved
by beings like us.


2 thoughts on “Venus Quickstep

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  1. Now, you’re getting to the good stuff Harrison. Trying to find love in ourselves or in each other alone is illogical, impossible and definitely frustrating. This is the meaning of the incarnation of Christ, why He put on flesh & walked among us.
    He clothed Himself in flash so that we could see the face of God and feel the magnificent force of His love. Now, we see him in each other and we feel his love in each other because God is love: The source of it, the power of it, and most assuredly, the glory of it.
    You can thank Frisky for these goodies because she told me she was hungry; turns out I was too, and all this came from a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter on an empty stomach.
    I love you my dear Harry, you bring me hope and the ineffable truth that God is indeed with us, still, always & forever! Gram
    Now Frisky says it’s time to go back to bed. So off we go. Hugs, grandma
    Jan Antonsson Sent from my iPhone


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