Defiance Absolute

I am mystified by death.
I wonder if anyone ever truly goes
gently into that good night.
In those final moments,
what passes in the mind?
Is it regret?
Perhaps anger?
A life spent living someone else’s
Does anyone ever pass
fully satisfied?
Fully content?
Or are we flooded with memories
in which we could have done better,
could have been better,
for someone
or for ourselves?
How can we pass from this life
to whatever awaits beyond the veil
without fear and doubt?
When our lives become nothing more
than memories to those that we know
what life is truly left for us to live?


One thought on “Defiance Absolute

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  1. My mom sure did! She was staring up at the hospital wall and Whispering in her native language with amazing surprises upon her face! The look in her eyes seemed to have been trillions of miles away!🌹☀️


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