Twin Moon

Mantle, to me. At once.

How long had it been since I last summoned him?

Months? Years, perhaps?

A dark wind met my face and the familiar frigidity I have come to associate with him crept over me.

The Mantle.

Back to your old ways, sorcerer? You were foolish to believe you could approach the light, you know.

Silence, you old fool. I seek counsel.

His laugh, that of old steel warping under the weight of an object much too heavy to support, grated on my ears.

Of course you do. You never learn, do you? That your longing for the light is meaningless, much like this counsel. You already know how this ends.

You do not even know her.

Oh, but I do. I know what she represents to you. I know that everything you have been searching for lies within her. It is not to be.

What if it was? What if there was some way of overcoming my misdeeds, some way of penance for the darkness I have wrought? What then, Mantle?

His gaze rested upon me like a soft snowfall, eyes aglow like a pair of eclipsed moons.

He paused.

Incompatible. While the two of you are children of the light, she has upheld harmony in the lives of others. You? You are jealous and spiteful and there exists within you a deep bitterness that prevents you from ever truly embracing the light. What you feel for her is not love. It is nothing more than a pathetic lust for the light you so desperately wish would bring you peace. But it will not, old friend. And it never will.

He turns away and begins to fade, a soft mist being gently whisked away.

However, if she learned to express the darkness within her, perhaps…




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