To be made in any god’s image means
that in order to be complete
we must embrace the side of us
that urges us to create, to build, to restore order
as well
as the side of us that yearns
for destruction, mayhem, and discord.
We prevent ourselves from expressing our chaotic side
and a direct result of this is what the French call
“L’appel du Vide”.
The call of the Void.
To drive into oncoming traffic,
to jump off a cliff,
to self-destruct our carefully structured lives.
In our pursuit to become perfect beings
in an imperfect world,
we suppress the very powers
our gods have bestowed upon us
because we believe them to be evil
but this is not the case.
Light is nothing without Darkness,
Order ceases to have value without Chaos,
Harmony is not appreciated without Discord.
Embrace the duality of your soul
for a tree cannot ever hope to grow to the heavens
unless its roots extend down to the hells.


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