Cosmic Canyon

I look at you
and I see so much more.
I see a steamy cup of freshly pressed coffee
in your latte-laden eyes,
and the way your hair pirouettes
like a willow in a summer wind
is truly captivating.
Your laugh, reminiscent of wind chimes
and an ocean crashing against warm sands
brings such clarity to my mind,
and your smile?
I have yet to see the silver celestial above
grace me with half as brilliant a phase
as when I see you smile.
Within you, I sense the same divine presence
as I do when I am among the wilds
and when I look at you
I see so much


One thought on “Cosmic Canyon

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  1. She’s blessed to know you & clearly the reverse is true. Enjoy the feeling. It’s a gift that doesn’t come to everyone.

    Jan Antonsson Sent from my iPhone


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