There is an intense longing
within me.
I know not
from which primordial corner
of my soul
it whispers from
but I have noticed a subtle shift
in my energy.
It is a sense of
and perhaps this yearning
is wondering what,
I am becoming.
Day after day
there is less
and less
of who once was
and more
of who is to come.
Fewer things
claim ability to damage my calm
and I find it easier
to dispel
that which is not good for me.
as different
as I may become
I cannot help but feel
that I am more myself
than I ever was.


4 thoughts on “Silverlined

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  1. Harry this one is profound and so perfectly stated.  I’m going back through your posts on my email and copying and pasting them  in a collection on my hard drive.  That way I have them. I  hope you are keeping hard copy for yourself.  Or at least saved somewhere you can retrieve them.  All my writings are on the blog and the earlier website, but I’ve kept hard copy of everything.   When I pass, if someone doesn’t continue to pay Yahoo (where my writings are),, then they’ll disappear into the mist.  I don’t worry about that, but do consider it sometimes.

    I love you,  Gram



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