Master of Mystification

A blank page.
A dimension
of ivory infinity
by unbridled potential.
Thoughts coalesce
formed from the Great Nothingness;
it is a curious sort
of magic.
To paint a picture would be far more simple
for how can one best relay
in mere words
the majesty
of his vision?
One does not need to have seen an ocean
to grasp its weight from an oiled canvas,
but to write?
To describe a tree
one must have seen a tree,
to feel heartbreak from words,
one must have felt heartbreak.
As painting is for the eyes,
is for the mind
like any magic,
it must be practiced
in order to be perfected.

Do not idle in your studies,
young one.


One thought on “Master of Mystification

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  1. I like this post a lot. I had a friend, now passed into the vast beyond, who said it takes a special kind of courage to sit before a blank computer screen or a blank piece of paper, & remain there until ideas become words and thoughts take form & substance. She had published several books. Brave woman indeed.
    Jan (Gram)


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