I have been
in solitude
for nearly eight years
Not through lack of trying,
mind you,
but I suppose that the Universe
has plans
mired in cosmic dust
that still elude me.
That is well enough
for this solitude has given me
I believe that we have been
so heavily conditioned
into thinking we are incomplete;
that in order to feel whole again
we must find something.
Maybe its another person
or another car
or a bigger house
or another digit on your paycheck.
But it’s all shit,
you see?
I think people are genuinely afraid
to be alone.
We have forgotten the ways
of personal development
and it forces us to confront parts of ourselves
that we cannot accept
and it is by no means a pleasurable experience.

At first.

day after day,
you slowly
wake up,
in a sense.
You realize
that all of the things
you were told you were without;
and love
were really inside of you all along.
After that shift in perspective
the rest of your days are spent
the methods of filling yourself
with those things
all on your own.
We never needed them to tell us
that we were inadequate.
All that I,
and anyone else
has ever needed
is the idea
that we
and we alone
are enough.


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