Astral Bodies

On the nights
that I do remember,
I dream.
where I
am in her arms;
wrapped in skin
as velvet,
lulled to peace
in her sultry grasp.
The solemn sound
of her breath
to keep me with her
until I wake.
But then,
there are other dreams.
where I find myself
listlessly amidst the infinite cosmos;
among the stars.
All I feel
is cold
but there is no part of me
that would wish
There washes over me
a crippling wave
of insignificance
and humility
as I am dwarfed
by cosmic entities
that have existed long before I
and will
far after.
The silence
of space
is a comfort
to my ears
and as I pass
by planets
and pulsars
I ask to come home.
Some where,
out there,
she tells me
to come home
another voice
far further
than any one dare venture
whispers to me,

Come Home.


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