Empty Your Bowl

Should you seek
a truly humbling experience
go out
and walk
in nature.
There you will encounter
countless beings
that have no idea
you even exist
and that you had no idea
even existed.
The longer you spend
out in the wilds
you may notice
a rather peculiar thing;
you are quite small,
unbelievably so,
and while you may be experiencing
monumental trials
it becomes so dwarfed
by nature
that you discover
it never was
as monumental
as you once thought.
You become
and yet
you have never been more full
than you are
right now.
A gentle breeze
among the pines,
a smooth warble
of a feathered creature,
the babbling
of a soft-spoken brook.
Small things,
to be sure,
then again
the biggest things
often are.


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